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About Company (English)

JSC "Sabelija" is a pioneer consulting company of occupational safety in Lithuania. We started our activity in 1994 in Klaipeda with documentation of safety and health protection at work and today we perform complex services of safety and health protection at work, fire safety, electricity protection, civil protection, as well as researches of work environment risk factors, and organize mandatory (licensed) and recommended (unlicensed) training.

With 18 years of experience we managed to generate and establish in our company a complete system of occupational safety service supply ensuring domestic work order not only inside the company (clear distribution of labour, division of duties, quick reorganisation of working processes if necessary) but also customer service security system – response to customer needs and comments, problem solutions. Consistent communication with clients helps us earn their trust. We conscientiously correspond to the refinement of each service and performing services of constant observation we guarantee timely accountability – we are responsible to provide the client with 100% of information.

More than 50 skilled and qualified employees who have between 4 and 17 years of experience in the field of occupational safety attend the clients of the company. JSC "Sabelija" is proud of its longtime specialists and experts of occupational safety working in specialised field of occupational safety. We can bravely predicate that the distribution of occupational safety fields helps better perceive the specifics of work, faster and purposefully provide the client with the necessary information. For this reason, the list of clients of our company includes well known Lithuanian manufacturing, trade and service companies of different fields.

We as well assume responsibility of socially accountable business in the field of occupational safety. Each year we organise traditional events: a conference "Occupational safety", a competition "The safest company", an ideological project "Occupational safety for a human". With the help of the projects we aim to draw society‘s attention to human safety at work, inform how to manage occupational safety in a fast and, especially, effective way in order to safe people's lives.

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